For a family that grew up apart from eachother due to the whims of destiny, and the wrongdoings of some characters, being together today; like it is in these photos, feels like an act of protest, it feels like an amending to the wounds and offenses of the past.

This moment would not have occurred without the dedication that my mother puts to the thankless task of trying to make up for the time lost. All her effort and the simple presence of a little baby, my niece Luana.

That little baby, who has just arrived to our lives, has made this moment possible. Luana without being able to utter a word has brought us together more than ever. Thanks Luana.

I confess that the idea of having children never was in my plans, this way of thinking was formed after witnessing the sacrifices my parents made when I was just a little kid. For that reason, having children was not something I wished for myself or anybody else. But after seeing how Luana, a newborn, has brought us closer than we have ever been. She has made me reconsider that idea. Perhaps, after all, those immense sacrifices; that only parents make, are worth it.